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Personal Injury Claims in Frankfort, KY

In Frankfort, Kentucky, personal injury law encompasses a variety of claims. Most people divide these claim types into two categories:

  • Negligence
  • Intentional Injuries

Both categories are distinct, but they stem from the same idea. You should not shoulder the financial burden for injuries you didn’t cause. Below, we’ll dive into these two types of personal injury claims in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Negligence Claims

The idea of pursuing a personal injury claim can be daunting for some people. Concerns about the complexities of hiring an attorney or fears that their lawsuit is frivolous hold them back.

Those fears ignore an important fact. Injured victims face the burden of hefty medical expenses, lost income, and long-term or lifelong disability. It’s only fair to hold those responsible to account when you’re injured and it’s not your fault.

Negligence claims come in several forms. Below is a breakdown of some of the most common forms in Frankfort.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Navigating the aftermath of vehicle accidents is hard for victims. They not only have to deal with the pain from the accident, but also with financial setbacks inflicted by the at-fault party.

Drivers in Frankfort face another issue, too. Kentucky mandates motor vehicle insurance, but it operates under a no-fault auto insurance system. This means accident victims have to negotiate with their own insurance providers first.

Our firm stands by clients aiming for just settlements from their insurers. If an insurance company attempts to avoid its obligations, we step in to counter any undervalued settlement proposals and rejected claims.

Kentucky permits victims with injuries beyond specific criteria to take legal action against the at-fault driver. Pursuing a lawsuit might be the only way to ensure just compensation for severe car accidents, motorcycle incidents, semi-truck related accidents, and beyond. To determine if this is the right option for you, reach out to our office.

Frankfort Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice is the result of healthcare that doesn’t meet fundamental, expected standards. Everyone should expect competence when you place your health in the hands of medical professionals.

Medical malpractice claims arise when a patient is harmed or loses their life due to a medical provider’s oversight or negligence in delivering expected care.

Kentucky’s statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims is short. This often impacts medical malpractice cases. A lawsuit must be filed within a year from the injury’s occurrence or from when the patient became (or should have become) aware of the injury and its cause.

This limited window is problematic for injured patients. That’s especially true for people with pre-existing health concerns. Medical professionals may try to attribute issues to the patient’s health status rather than admitting fault.

It’s crucial to act right away in medical malpractice situation. Connecting with our personal injury lawyers is the first step to unearthing evidence that your health declined due to the provider’s care.

Premises Liability

Premises liability isn’t limited to just “slip and fall” cases. These cases arise when a property owner or renter is liable for injuries that happen on their property because of hazards they knew or should have known about.

Some examples of things that cause premises liability injuries include:

  • A loose carpet in a hotel hallway
  • Exposed wiring in a cafe
  • A cracked slide in a children’s playground

Each of these issues are things an owner or manager should be aware of. Not fixing them or providing warning may be the root of a negligence claim.

At David Bryant Law, we stand ready to support you or a family member when injuries result from negligence on a property.

Product Liability and Toxic Torts

There’s a long history of multi-billion-dollar class-action suits against product creators and those responsible for environmental pollution due to the sheer number of people they’ve affected. These entities often prioritize financial gains over human lives.

This class of injury claims includes suits against manufacturers of asbestos insulation and tobacco giants that downplayed the known perils of smoking.

Personal injury attorneys spearheading these cases often find themselves up against powerful corporations with vast legal resources. The attorneys at David Bryant Law will defend victims in these large cases.

Our strategy involves seeking concrete evidence of causation and overseeing a vast array of client documents. We believe that these companies should answer for the damages their products have caused and will defend your right to fair compensation.

Ordinary Negligence

Personal injury claims can stem from commonplace negligence that doesn’t always fit into the standard categories above.

Consider a scenario where an individual gets hurt due to a workplace prank. The victim might have grounds to sue both the individual behind the prank and the employer for insufficient oversight.

In another instance, if someone gets injured by children tossing stones from a bridge, they might have a case against the children’s guardians. They may also need to sue local authorities for not placing safety features on the bridge to deter such predictable actions.

In the face of unique circumstances, an attorney’s role is to hear your account and guide you based on our expertise in negligence matters. Our firm is versed in Kentucky’s legal precedents and can provide insights on whether a lawsuit is right for you.

Intentional Injuries Claims

Not all personal injuries stem from negligence. Some are the result of deliberate actions. Victims of intentional harm have more options than just the criminal justice system to get the peace of mind they deserve.

Some intentional injuries pave the way for a lawsuit against the individual responsible. Victims may also take legal action against anyone aware of or having influence over the perpetrator’s actions in some cases.

Below are three common types of intentional personal injury claims.

Frankfort Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Survivors of sexual assault and abuse have the power to hold their assailants responsible for their actions. Survivor can confront their assailants and demand compensation for the enduring trauma they’ve endured with a sexual assault lawsuit.

The repercussions of sexual assault span physical, psychological, and emotional trauma. These scars last a lifetime. The financial burden of therapy and psychological care are substantial.

You can hold perpetrators of sexual assault accountable for their actions. Institutions like schools, religious establishments, and workplaces can also face consequences if they were aware (or should have been) and yet neglected to intervene in the abuse.

At David Bryant Law, we’re here to lend an empathetic ear, examine the specifics of your sexual assault case, and build a robust legal approach to support survivors through these challenging situations.

Nursing Home Abuse in Frankfort

Abuse in nursing homes can range from intentional harm inflicted upon elderly residents to neglect by both medical personnel and staff. Many senior victims find it challenging to pursue a lawsuit on their own.

At David Bryant Law, we will step in to investigate and gather evidence of nursing home abuse and malpractice. Our approach may encompass dialogues with fellow residents, depositions from staff, and an investigation of the nursing home’s management to find the truth. This evidence is pivotal in court battles or settlement talks.

Frankfort Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death claims arise when an individual’s death results from another’s negligent or deliberate actions. These cases can intersect with other claim categories, such as medical malpractice, hazardous exposure, or vehicular accidents. There are also instances where wrongful death stands apart from other claim types.

For instance, intentional criminal activities can underpin a wrongful death lawsuit. Think of a scenario where someone dies after a mugging. That person’s family might bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the assailant.

Wrongful death claims also target those who indirectly contributed to the death. Picture a cyclist fatally injured after swerving to avoid a pothole and getting hit by a vehicle. Both the local authority responsible for road maintenance and the vehicle’s driver might be considered as having played a part in the tragic event.

Get Help with Your Frankfort Personal Injury Claim

David Bryant Law is here to help you whatever the details of your personal injury claim. We empathize with the challenges victims undergo and have a thorough grasp of the nuances of Kentucky law.

Our passionate attorneys will defend your rights and pursue justice on your behalf. Connect with David Bryant Law now for a free consultation to see how we can help you.