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Personal Injury Claims in Bardstown, KY

In Bardstown, Kentucky, personal injury law encompasses a variety of claims. These claims break down into two categories:

  • Negligence
  • Intentional Injuries

Both categories stem from the idea that you shouldn’t shoulder the financial burden for injuries you didn’t cause. Here’s a closer look at these personal injury claim types in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Negligence Claims

Many people hesitate to file a personal injury claim. We understand the reservations. The thought of engaging a lawyer seems overwhelming or more trouble than it’s worth, so you consider just moving on. Other people hesitate because they don’t want to file one of those frivolous lawsuits they’ve always heard about.

But when injuries happen, victims often face mounting medical expenses, lost wages, and long-term or permanent disabilities. Seeking accountability from the liable party is far from frivolous.

Negligence claims come in various shapes and forms. Below are some of the most common personal injury claims we can help with in Bardstown.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accident victims face the dual challenges of managing pain and the financial setbacks caused by others. Motor vehicle insurance is compulsory in Kentucky, but there’s a catch. Kentucky follows a no-fault system.

This means that the initial challenge for accident victims is navigating claims with their own insurance providers.

We stand by our clients in their pursuit of just settlements from insurance companies. It’s not uncommon for an insurance provider to try to avoid paying fair compensation. We’re prepared to counter any claim rejections or undervalued settlement proposals.

Kentucky also permits accident victims to take legal action against the at-fault driver when injuries surpass certain thresholds.

Filing a lawsuit might be the sole avenue to secure rightful compensation in cases of grave auto mishaps, motorcycle accidents, semi-truck accidents, and more. To find out if this route is what’s best for you, a simple call to our office will give you the clarity you need.

Bardstown Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice happens when medical professionals fail to uphold even the most basic standards of care. There’s an inherent trust in their expertise when you place your health in the hands of a doctor, nurse, or other practitioner.

Grounds for a medical malpractice claim emerge when a patient is hurt or loses their life due to a healthcare provider’s oversight in delivering the expected care level.

The catch with medical malpractice in Kentucky is the commonwealth’s short statute of limitations. Medical malpractice cases are time-sensitive. Victims only have one year to file a lawsuit from the date of the injury’s occurrence or from when the patient recognized (or ought to have recognized) the injury and its cause.

This limitation often poses difficulties for patients, especially those with ongoing health concerns. It’s not uncommon for medical professionals to ascribe issues to the patient’s existing conditions rather than admitting fault.

Medical malpractice is serious and time is limited. Any inkling of medical malpractice should be addressed immediately. Our personal injury lawyers can assist in finding evidence for your claim and provide you with steadfast support throughout your case.

Premises Liability

Premises liability extends beyond the typical “slip and fall” accident.

This type of claim comes from situations where a property owner or tenant is accountable for injuries sustained on their premises due to evident or easily identifiable hazards.

Some common examples of negligence by an owner or tenant include situations where injuries happen due to things like:

  • A non-functional lightbulb in a mall parking area
  • A damaged handrail in a residential building’s staircase
  • An electrical malfunction in a theme park washroom

At David Bryant Law, we’re here to assist if you or someone close to you gets hurt due to a lack of care or reasonable warning on someone’s property.

Product Liability and Toxic Torts

Many billion-dollar class-action lawsuits have targeted product manufacturers and environmental polluters for injuring countless individuals. These entities prioritize profit over people’s well-being. They range from insulation manufacturers that made asbestos products to cigarette companies that hid the scientific proof of smoking’s hazards.

Personal injury lawyers spearheading these cases take on some of the world’s wealthiest corporations and their vast legal teams. At David Bryant Law, we search for evidence linking the harm to the product and handle hundreds of client files. We firmly believe these companies should answer for the harm their products inflict in Kentucky and nationwide.

Ordinary Negligence

Personal injury claims can stem from straightforward negligence that doesn’t align with conventional categories.

Take, for instance, an individual harmed due to a prank at their workplace. That person might pursue a claim against both the person responsible for the prank and the employer for not ensuring proper oversight.

Likewise, someone who sustained injuries from children tossing stones from a bridge might consider suing the children’s guardians. They could also challenge the city for its failure to incorporate preventive measures on the bridge against such anticipated actions.

When faced with atypical situations, our responsibility as personal injury lawyers in Bardstown, KY is to thoroughly understand your experience and offer advice grounded in our familiarity with negligence cases. We have a deep understanding of Kentucky’s legal precedents and can counsel you on the potential for a lawsuit.

Intentional Injuries Claims

Negligence isn’t the sole cause of personal injury. Some injuries result from deliberate actions.

Victims of intentional harm aren’t confined to relying on the criminal justice system alone.

Intentional injuries also pave the way for a lawsuit against the wrongdoer through a personal injury claim. Your personal injury lawyer can also initiate legal action against any party who was aware of and had influence over the perpetrator’s actions.

Below are some common types of intentional personal injury claims.

Bardstown Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Survivors of sexual assault should not be afraid to step out of the shadows of fear and shame, confront their assailants, and demand compensation for the enduring trauma they’ve endured.

The repercussions of sexual assault includes physical, psychological, and emotional scars that last a lifetime. The financial burden of therapy and psychological care easily reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Those guilty of sexual assault can be made to answer for their actions. Entities that enabled the abuse, like schools, religious institutions, and workplaces, can face consequences if they were aware (or should have been) of abuse and neglected to intervene.

At David Bryant Law, we prioritize your voice, delve deep into the specifics of your sexual assault case, and champion a fierce legal stance to support survivors through these challenging situations.

Nursing Home Abuse in Bardstown

Elder abuse happens when somone inflicts deliberate harm upon a nursing home resident. It also arises from neglect by both medical and non-medical staff within the nursing home. Many elderly victims, due to deteriorating physical or mental conditions, find themselves ill-equipped to pursue a lawsuit on their own.

At David Bryant Law, we act as the steadfast advocate for the nursing home resident. We work hard to find evidence of nursing home abuse and impropriety. Depending on what your case requires, we’ll interview other residents, cross-examine staff members, and get depositions from the nursing home’s leadership. All to piece together the full story.

Then we’ll use the evidence we’ve gathered to engage in settlement dialogues or defend your claims in court with the victim’s best interests at heart.

Bardstown Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death claims happen when an individual’s death is the result of another’s negligence or deliberate actions. Such situations can overlap with other claim categories, such as deaths resulting from medical malpractice, toxic encounters, or vehicular accidents. There are other instances where wrongful death stands on its own, distinct from other claim types.

Some deliberate criminal activities resulting in a death fall into this category. If an individual loses their life in a bar altercation, for example, a wrongful death lawsuit might target the individual who initiated the violence. The establishment itself could also face legal consequences if negligence was evident before, during, or post-altercation.

A wrongful death claim can also target those who indirectly contributed to the death. Imagine a scenario where a driver dies in a car accident because debris from a dump truck shattered their window. The driver reacts by braking hard, but a tire malfunction leads to a vehicle rollover. Both the dump truck’s operator and the tire’s manufacturer, being indirect contributors to the tragedy, could face legal action.

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Our dedicated attorneys are committed to championing your rights and ensuring justice is served. Don’t navigate this journey alone. Reach out to David Bryant Law today for a free consultation. We’re here to fight for you.