Multiple Inmates Sue Lexington Federal Medical Center on Rape Allegations

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May 2021 — Attorney David Bryant announces he is joining a team of attorneys fighting to obtain fair compensation for a former federal inmate whose rights were grossly violated while incarcerated at the Lexington Federal Medical Center.

This case is the first of 3 separate sexual abuse and harassment cases that attorney David Bryant and other attorneys on the team have filed or are planning to file. All three of these cases involve Lexington FMC inmates who allege harassment, abuse, or rape during their confinement.

The plaintiff, whose name is confidential at this time, alleges that Officer Brian Christopher Goodwin began sexually harassing her first by making inappropriate comments and then by inappropriate touching.

The lawsuit alleges that Goodwin forced the plaintiff into a storage room while she was on work duty and he was supervising the crew in September of 2019. Despite her attempts to escape, Goodwin then raped her.

FBI Investigators Get Involved

In January of 2020 the woman reported the attack to a staff psychologist at the facility and was interviewed by FBI investigators. She was temporarily moved to the Fayette County Detention Center and Officer Goodwin was transferred to a different department.

She was then moved back to the Federal Medical Center despite the fact that the officer she accused was still working there.

The woman initially filed an administrative claim with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in August of 2020, but the Bureau did not respond to the complaint. Her administrative claim is now considered closed leaving no option but to file a civil case against Officer Goodwin and the US Government.

Victim Faced Retaliation by FMC Guards

According to the lawsuit, upon her return to the FMC, guards retaliated against the victim for reporting the attack. She was later transferred to a different federal prison in West Virginia—more than 7 hours of travel time away from her family.

The distance from her family made it impossible for her children to visit the new facility and, as a result of the attack, the lawsuit alleges that she now suffers from depression and PTSD in addition to her physical and emotional injuries. The plaintiff is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the injuries that she suffered.

Violation of 8th Amendment Rights

The complaint accuses Goodwin of assault and violating the victim’s 8th amendment rights to protection against cruel and unusual punishment. The United States is accused of negligence for failing to prevent the alleged assault as the administrator of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

More Victims & More Lawsuits Emerging

David Bryant filed a second case for a different Lexington FMC inmate against a different employee at the Federal Medical Center. A 3rd case will be filed for another female inmate in the coming weeks.

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