The Increased Danger of Semi Trucks


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Semi truck drivers undergo training to help them navigate on the road and decrease hazards to other drivers around them. Semi trucks, however, still pose substantial risks to other drivers.

Semi truck drivers need more room to maneuver, including stopping, slowing, or turning the vehicle. Their larger size also adds to the danger in an accident since they can cause severe damage to smaller passenger vehicles.

Semi trucks have larger blind spots. Drivers may have more trouble seeing those small cars around them.

Semi trucks often carry heavy or hazardous loads. Those loads can add an additional element of danger in an accident.

Semi truck drivers spend long hours on the road. These long hours can lead to road haze, making it more difficult for drivers to pay attention to the road. Semi truck drivers may also be more likely to drive distracted due to long hours or a sense of isolation. Long hours may also translate to wear on the semi-truck’s tire and could result in a dangerous tire blowout.

The Key Differences Between Semi Truck Accidents and Other Car Accidents

Semi truck accidents do bear some critical differences to other types of car accidents. The biggest differences:

Semi truck drivers and trucking companies must adhere to stricter regulations than private passenger vehicles and drivers. This includes the number of hours a truck driver can drive in a day as well as regular drug and alcohol testing, driver evaluation, and more.

Semi truck drivers carry more weight. As a result, accidents with semi trucks can result in more serious injuries.

Semi trucks carry higher coverage in their insurance policies. This can provide a higher level of protection to drivers who suffer serious injuries in semi truck accidents.

The Unique Regulations Governing Commercial Trucking Mean You Need a Truck Accident Attorney with Experience

If you suffer injuries in a truck accident, you need truck accident attorneys with the specific legal experience needed to help you with your case. This includes knowledge about investigating a truck driver’s background and past driving history as well as checking logbooks or evaluating trucking industry regulations to determine how a truck driver’s actions may apply to your claim.

Truck Accidents Require a Comprehensive Understanding of the Law

Due to the complexity of many truck accident claims, it is important to have a truck accident attorney who understands the specific elements of your claim and how they may impact the funds you can receive. You want an experienced truck accident attorney who understands the difference between trucking accidents and car accidents and will build the best case possible.

Truck Accident Statistics

Semi truck accidents occur at an alarming rate across the nation. While semi trucks are vital to the transportation of goods across the nation, it’s important to consider how those transportation efforts have the potential to impact other drivers, especially when semi truck drivers fail to follow regulations assigned to them.

Being awake for more than 18 hours can impact a driver just as much as drinking to a BAC of 0.08%.

Commercial trucks account for 3% of vehicles on the nation’s highways, but 13% of passenger vehicle deaths.

Fatigue plays a heavy role in as many of 75% of run-off-the-road crashes, according to a 1995 National Transportation Safety Board study.

In 2017, at least one driver-related factor was involved in 32% of large truck crashes including fatal injuries.


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