Wrongful Death

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What is a wrongful death? As a legal term, it is a death that has been caused by the fault of another person. For example, deaths caused by drunk driving, a dangerous or defective product, the construction of an unsound structure or building, nursing home negligence, or failing to diagnose a fatal disease may be considered "wrongful deaths" under the law.

If your family has recently lost a loved one as a result of someone else's negligence, it is best to contact a wrongful death attorney to discuss your legal options.

How do you choose a lawyer to handle your case?

We understand that families may not know where to turn after the sudden or unexpected loss of a loved one. When choosing a wrongful death lawyer, it is crucial that you look for a law firm that has both the experience and resources needed to litigate even the most complex wrongful death lawsuits.

Since 2008, our lawyers have recovered millions in wrongful death verdicts and settlements for families in Kentucky.

Our outstanding results have earned us the reputation as one of the top wrongful death firms in Kentucky, along with the respect of both our adversaries and peers. We are proud that many of our colleagues in Louisville and throughout the country feel confident referring their clients to us for all types of complex accident or malpractice death cases.

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Wrongful death lawsuits or claims are generally filed by family members or beneficiaries of the person who died. When you contact us, our Louisville wrongful death lawyers will help you to determine who in your family may file the wrongful death lawsuit. In some instances, these claims are filed to obtain monetary damages to cover the earnings the deceased person would have provided. Other damages that may be recovered include:

  • Expenses associated with the death, such as medical and funeral bills
  • Lost benefits, such as insurance, from the death
  • Loss of inheritance from an untimely death
  • Pain, suffering or mental anguish suffered by the survivor of the decedent
  • Loss of companionship, care or protection
  • Punitive damages, intended to punish wrongdoers and prevent them from harming others

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