Day Care Injury Lawsuits

My child was injured while at daycare. What are my legal options?

Choosing a daycare provider is one of the most difficult and extremely important decisions of parenthood. There are hundreds of options in and around Louisville, and thousands of choices throughout Kentucky. When you entrust your child to a daycare provider, you expect that employees will provide high-level care and supervision to ensure your child’s safety and well-being. Unfortunately, daycare accidents and injuries at day care facilities in Kentucky are all too common.

Day care injuries may arise as a result of employee negligence or an unsafe environment. Oftentimes injuries are a result of poor supervision because many daycare facilities are understaffed and overcrowded. It is crucial that day care centers have enough staff that closely monitors each child in their care.

When day care owners cut costs and operate with insufficient or minimal staff, children are more likely to suffer serious injuries or even accidental death. Day care injuries can occur as a result of the following:

  • Children wandering away from the facility
  • Choking on food or foreign objects
  • Drowning
  • Falls or drops
  • Ingesting foreign objects
  • Outsiders gaining access
  • Physical, sexual or verbal abuse
  • Unsafe sleeping conditions

Kentucky Daycares

In Kentucky, there are three main types of day care facilities – homes, centers, and group homes. The CHFS oversees day care licensing and is required to inspect facilities annually to ensure the facility meets all minimum licensing standards. These standards focus on important factors such as staffing requirements, child to staff ratios, nutrition, transportation, and even requirements for the building itself. When a daycare owner fails to follow these minimum standards and a child suffers serious injuries or death, the owners must be held accountable through a day care injury lawsuit.

Kentucky Law

If your child is injured in a day care center, the personal injury and premises liability laws of Kentucky will control the circumstances and extent to which your daycare will be held responsible. To establish a claim for negligence, you must prove that your daycare had a duty of care, breached the duty of care, and then because of that breach, caused an injury to your child.

Call an Experienced Lawyer

If your child has been injured or experiences a loss of life as a result of daycare negligence in Louisville or throughout the state of Kentucky, it is important to take action to hold any and all wrongdoers accountable. Our injury lawyers at David Bryant Law have proudly represented victims of negligence for over 10 years and may be able to help you seek justice for the harms caused to you and your loved ones. Call us at (502) 540-1221 or contact us through our website contact form and an attorney will call you back at your convenience.