When a consumer buys a product, they rightfully expect it to perform safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Use of defective products can have tragic consequences.

A defective product is one that was defectively designed, manufactured improperly, or provided to the consumer with inadequate warnings. Flawed design or manufacturing defects may result in unsafe products that can cause injury to consumers, including children.

In a products liability case, the law may find blame with any or all individuals involved in the manufacture of a product. This can include the designer, manufacturer, supplier and retailer. These individuals may be held liable for any injury their product causes.

David Bryant Law has represented consumers who have been seriously injured by defective products, both at home and in the workplace. Among the kinds of cases we've handled are:

  • Vehicles with sudden unintended acceleration
  • Side-by-side UTV rollovers
  • Coal mining equipment defects
  • Rocker-bottom shoes causing foot and ankle fractures
  • Teething tablets causing seizures in toddlers
  • Electrical injuries
  • Industrial equipment defects
  • Industrial plant injuries
  • Automotive defects

Our work on behalf of clients has resulted not only in financial recoveries, but has also put pressure on manufacturers to design safer toys, industrial equipment, automobiles, and the like. While no amount of money can truly compensate for a debilitating injury or the loss of a loved one, we and our clients are gratified knowing that future consumers may not encounter the same risks.